18 Jul


By / adtmoving

Why do Quebec residents move on July 1st?

Before 1974, Quebec residents moved en masse May 1st, as leases commonly ended on April 30th. Due to this relatively early date, a problem developed where parents would pull their kids out of classes before the school year had ended.

This caused the standard lease period ending to be pushed to June 30th, after classes had ended for the summer. Ever since then, moving day has been traditionally on July 1st, which also happens to be Canada Day (this is simply a coincidence).

While most leases finish on June 30th, there is no legal obligation to have them finish on that date. It simply has the effect of making it easier to find rental properties. Hydro-Quebec records indicate that around 120 000 people move on July 1st every year in Quebec.

The only inconvenience that this date might cause is that the temperature could be quite high by this time of year as the sun is at its strongest. It’s important to remember that if you are involved in a move, to take the necessary precautions: use sunscreen, wear hats, take frequent breaks, hydrate yourself and stay in the shade as much as possible.

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