21 Feb


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ADT Garanties and Insurances

[title text=”Garanties”]

ADT Moving and Storage can assure you that they will treat your belongings with the up most care. Our team of professional movers will transport your goods from one place to the next.

However , accidents can occur and we would like to explain how we can prevent or limit this happening.

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[title text=”Insurance”]

When moving with ADT Moving and Storage you will receive a cargo insurance coverage of fifty thousand dollars which covers (from the beginning of the move all the way to the end of the move) with a zero deductable, therefore ADT Movers is 100% responsible for any damage that occurs during your move.

ADT Movers will either repair the damages or if they can not repair them ,they will replace the items in less than thirty days.

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[title text=”Exceptions”]

ADT Moving and Storage does have exceptions to what is covered by our insurance terms.

The following specialty item warrant a extra charge when moved,(plasma , lcd or giant screen tvs, pianos, baby grand pianos or grand pianos, marble or granite piece, mirrors or glass ) .Our team of professional movers will notify you of the items that require protection and will explain to you how they will be protected and what the cost will be.

The customer will then decide whether they want to pay the amount or waiver the responsibility for that certain piece.

Boxed goods are 100% covered by ADT Moving and Storage if packed by the company, or if the box is damaged because it was dropped by one of our movers. ADT Moving is not responsible for any box that is packed by a customer, for we can not guarantee that it was properly done.

All appliances (fridge, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, computer and tvs ) are covered for any physical damage caused to the exterior or casing. They are not covered for any mechanical damage or malfunction , as we do not know if they are in working order.

ADT Movers will not insure sums of money and valuable securities, as well as gold or silver and precious stones or items of extraordinary value contained in packages to be handled by the movers.

The settlement of your claim is subject to the conditions printed on your invoice that you receive at time of signing. Please take time to read the exclusions and don’t hesitate to call our consultants. They will be there to answer all your questions.