02 Apr


By / adtmoving

Your Pre-Moving Checklist

There are many reasons you may need to move – from buying a new home, to leaving for college or relocating for a new job. Creating a plan and organizing the move will minimize stress and help make it a good experience. If you divide the process of moving into three parts: purge, pack and clean, you will save time, money and gain peace of mind.

Start packing six months before your estimated moving date. Make a checklist for each room of your house, start with the rooms that need the most work. In each room, purge old clothes and items, pack and clean the room. When you are purging designate a box for items you’re going, to donate, trash or give away to friends and family. Do not plan to sell items at flea markets or online retailers during the time you are preparing to move, this will just add to your list of things to do. When packing, try to use the same size boxes to make good use of space on the moving truck.

Three months before your estimated moving date, hire your movers in Montreal, and set aside an entire day if you need to do research via the internet or in person. Be prepared to provide information such as how many rooms your residence has, estimated number of boxes and large items and estimated miles to the new residence.

Most moving companies will give you a confirmation number when your transaction is complete. Create a physical or electronic folder for all emails, contracts and vital information. Two weeks before your moving day, call and confirm your reservation with the moving company, verify the date, time, address, number of movers hired and the size of the moving truck.

If you prepare properly and hire qualified movers such as ADT Moving, your move is sure to be a stress-free success! Give us a call at 1-888-903-6683.