15 Dec


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With The Right Packaging Your Move Will Be a Success

Hand packing box
Packing is the most fundamental part of any service that movers in Montreal provide. How well of a job is done in the packing phase will determine whether a move will be a success or a failure. ADT Moving recommends having certain packing items on hand such as heavy-duty duct tape, newspaper, plastic furniture bags, tissue paper, felt-tipped pens for labeling, and foam pieces for filling empty spaces in boxes.

We have put together a short guideline for clients who prefer to do the packing on their own:

– Use plastic furniture bags to protect each piece of furniture. These come in sofa, love seat and mattress sizes.
– Carefully wrap fragile legs, table casters, drawer knobs and handles before placing furniture in plastic bags.
– Keep all screws, fasteners and keys from a piece in an envelope taped to it.
– Purchase plenty of rolls of bubble packaging material in various widths and in large and small textures. It’s reusable, so it won’t be wasted.
– Use tarnish-free paper to pack silver and acid-free paper for linens.
– Buy wardrobe boxes for your hanging fixtures and delicate cabinets or tables.
– Packing blankets come in light and heavy weights, so have a selection of both on hand.

ADT Moving is a full service company that always strives for excellence. If you are planning on doing your own packing, we offer professional packing material and special boxes. Give us a call or visit our website to learn about our long distance moving services. 1-888-903-6683.