20 Apr


By / adtmoving

Why is July 1st Moving Day in Quebec?

In many other places in North America, moving day is any time of year, whenever a lease runs out or the purchase of a home is finalized. The province of Quebec is different from the rest. For many people it is a tradition to move on July 1st (otherwise known as Canada Day) or Moving Day in Quebec.

Historically, the tradition began in 1750 when the French colonial government issued a mandate to feudal landlords forbidding them from evicting a tenant before the snow of winter had melted. Moving day was later moved to May 1st, and then changed again in 1973 to July 1st, to allow children to finish out their school year and allow workers a holiday to move without having to take a day off from work.

Although the July 1st moving day is now only a tradition, a large number of people in Montreal still move on that one day each year. Moving companies are normally overscheduled for that day. Apartment residents must make appointments with movers at least six months in advance due to the increase in activity.

If you can, switching your move to an off-peak day can be a good idea. You’ll be able to more easily get the date you want, and both you and your movers will have more time to prepare and make the move easily and efficiently.

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