24 Dec


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Tips on Packing Fragile Items for a Move

As Montreal’s trusted moving professionals, we have a lot of experience in packing and transporting your fragile items during a move. No matter who is doing the packing, properly preparing fragile items for the move is essential.

Here are a few tips to help you pack and move fragile items successfully:

Most of the fragile items can be wrapped with plain packing paper. You cannot do this with regular newspaper since you risk staining the items with ink. Prepare a flat space upon which you will lay the packing paper to begin the task.

As for the most fragile items, you should pack them in a specially designed box. You can use a box made of corrugated materials and specifically designed to accommodate fragile items.

The process of packing items in tiers

Packing the boxes must be done in tiers. This means you should begin creating layers of crumpled up paper right from the bottom of the box, moving upwards.

Use multiple pieces of paper to individually wrap each fragile item. Heavier items and those which are less fragile should form the first tier of the box at the bottom. Once you’re through with the bottom layers, fill in the remaining space with paper to create cushioning just before another layer can begin.

This process should continue until the box is completely full. Items that are extremely fragile must remain on the top.

The inner structure of the box

Good box structure should be provided both internally and externally. This means that the inside of the box must create some space no matter how full the box is. Those spaces must be filled with paper or cushioning items to support the overall structure of the box.


Mark the boxes with your name, their contents and a vertical arrow which points upwards. This arrow will indicate that the boxes must be laid upright as opposed to their sides.

Remember, it’s always worth hiring professional movers in Montreal to do the moving for you, especially if you are moving a lot of fragile items.