01 May


By / adtmoving

The Must-Have Packing Materials for your Move

Believe it or not, packing up your home is not all about the boxes you use. There are a number of other items you will need to purchase prior to starting the packing process. Some of the most useful packing materials available to ensure you have a seamless (and damage free) move are highlighted here.

Packing Paper

When packing away dishes, cups or other delicate items, packing paper can be invaluable. While you can opt for regular newspaper, there is now legitimate packing paper sold at most home goods stores that provides a bit of extra cushion to protect your belongings.

Bubble Wrap

While it is fun to pop, this packing material is also ideal for moving. Wrap it around your most delicate items to keep them safe and protected during the entire moving process.

Packing Peanuts

Styrofoam peanuts are also a great packing companion. Once you load your boxes with your breakable or fragile items, you can fill in all the gaps with these to ensure that nothing bangs against something else during the move. This can help to further prevent any breakage for your most delicate items. You can choose traditional packing peanuts or biodegradable ones, which are eco-friendly.

When you are planning to move, having the right packing supplies on hand is essential. This will ensure that your items are safe and arrive in the same condition they left in.

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