10 Feb


By / adtmoving

The ADT Moving Guide on How to Pack Glassware

Glassware is a very tricky thing to move. Due to its fragility, glassware should be handled with extreme care. If glassware gets damaged, it is usually gone forever, broken into tiny pieces that can never be put back together.


In order to assure that your home’s glassware items arrive intact you should do the following:


  • Use sturdy boxes and make sure you reinforce them with tape.
  • Use crumpled paper to create a cushioning surface at the bottom of the box. Keep adding scrunched paper until you can no longer feel the bottom of the box. The layer absorbs any bumps or knocks the box may receive during its journey to your new home.
  • Put a couple of sheets of hard paper over the scrunched paper layer to create a shelf for the glassware items to sit on.
  • Next you can start to pack the box. When packing a box of glass you should start the bottom layer with heavy, more robust items such as vases, bottles, and larger pieces of glassware.
  • Wrap each item with a sheet of paper and place it in the box. Repeat this until you have completed an entire layer in the bottom of the box.
  • Once the first layer is completed, add scrunched up paper in between the gaps and make sure you fill up all the empty spaces.
  • Now place paper in the bottom of the box and cover the layer you have just packed. Follow the same principles as before, only this time make sure that the second layer of crunchy paper is thick enough so that you don’t feel the items at the bottom layer.
  • The second layer should have lighter more fragile items such as stem glasses, lighter ornaments and so on.
  • Do not pack glassware items too close to the top of the box as there does need to be space left to put cushioning paper or soft towels on the top.


ADT Moving can supply you with specially designed boxes for packing glassware and fragile items. The boxes we provide are strong and are made with high quality cardboard to ensure the protection of all contents. What distinguishes our boxes from others is that they come with dividers that provide all the needed protection for your glassware. You don’t need to waste time creating protective layers and dividers because our boxes already have them!


For more information on how to pack glassware and other specific items, please contact ADT directly at 1-888-903-6683.