23 Jul


By / adtmoving

Set up a Garage Sale Before a Move

If you want to lighten your moving load, you should have a garage sale. A garage sale will serve your entrepreneurial spirit and the need to unburden at the same time.

The key ingredient for a successful garage sale of any kind lies is the marketing of the event. You have so many options to choose from when spreading the word. You can either choose to post traditional signage on strategically located telephone poles, community notice boards, place a newspaper ad or post online on advertising platforms such as craigslist.

When it comes to garage sales, the bigger the better – call friends, family, and round up neighbours. The bigger the sale the more people you will attract, sort of like an impromptu pop-up shop on the street.

Compartmentalize the items to make it easier for people to sift through them.
Place your stuff strategically; put eye-catching items like antique furniture up at the front so people are drawn to your sale when they drive by.

Books are always a big hit and should be categorized from hard to soft covers. Do the same with clothes, but hang up the more salable items like snowsuits and coats on a clothing rack.

If time permits and you have some helping hands, consider setting up a little beverage and snack canteen. Offer bottled beverages, muffins and cookies for a dollar. You will be surprised at how much profit this could bring in.

At the end of the day, you will have less clutter to worry about and more money in your pocket. You can also channel the money you make to pay for your moving and storage in Montreal. Contact ADT Moving to schedule your move today. 514-766-3300 / 1-888-903-6686