13 Aug


By / adtmoving

Professional Movers Will Take the Stress Out of a Move

Moving can actually be a really emotional experience where many people will experience some level of anxiety and stress. This is because a home contains memories, and there is a lot of hassle involved in picking up your life and all your possessions when relocating.

Our advice for every home owner looking to avoid the potential pitfalls of moving is to use an accredited mover. Unlike non-regulated movers, accredited ones undergo a certain level of professional training, are required to carry insurance and keep their vehicles up to industry standards.

We suggest the following simple steps to take the stress out of moving:

– Take out insurance – It is unlikely your belongings will be covered by home and contents insurance when you are moving, as the risk of damage is greater when goods are being relocated. Transit insurance, offered by professional movers, is in most instances the most economical way to cover your goods in transit.
– Know what you’re paying for – double check that the quote you are provided with by the moving company includes the travel cost to and from the properties – especially for long distance moves.
– Make an inventory of your belongings – if you are asking for a quote over the phone, take a thorough inventory of your belongings to ensure you are given an accurate quote – or even better have the mover visit your home to assess its contents before they prepare their quote.

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