01 Apr


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Pre-Moving Day Checklist

Moving is a major event, and can often come with many unexpected issues. Before you hire a mover, it is important to check their references, make sure they are fully insured, and obtain a detailed quote –all things that ADT Movers provide up front.

Once you’ve received your quote, it’s time to get organized and start planning out your moving day. Here is a handy checklist you can use to help make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

Make the Best of Your Moving Day

  • Have everything ready to go when the movers arrive. This will ensure that the process can start without any time wasted.
  • Make sure that both your origin and destination locations are ready in terms of parking and elevator access (if needed).
  • In the case of a long distance move, we will supply you with a list of the entire inventory to be moved. Keep this list and check off the items at their destination.
  • For a local move, you should make an inventory of goods to be moved and supervise the loading and unloading or arrange for someone else to supervise.
  • When the loading has been completed, do a walk-through of your premises to ensure that everything has been loaded and nothing is left in closets, behind doors, in attics or garages.
  • Take any personal, important documents with you. Back up your computer data and take the data and the computer with you.
  • Take all of your valuables (e.g. jewellery, prescriptions, artwork) with you, and make special arrangements for perishables (e.g. food, plants) that may be affected by heat or cold. Make appropriate arrangements for your pets.
  • When the unloading has been completed, do a walk-through of your premises and all hallways and pathways into your premises as well as the moving vehicle to ensure that everything has been unloaded.

If you follow these easy steps, with the help of ADT Movers, there will only be one thing left to do on your moving day: enjoy your new home!