07 Jan


By / adtmoving

Packing – DIY or Hire a Professional Mover?

Packing is a critical aspect of any relocation and can determine whether or not a move will be a complete failure or a smooth success. At ADT Moving, we provide several choices of packing options to satisfy the individual requirements and needs of our clients:

  • Full packing service: We bring the packing material and do all the packing for you.
  • No pack service: You do all the packing by yourself and we handle the move for you.
  • Part packing service: We offer this service for items that need professional handling and care such as glassware and heavy furniture. 
  • Specialized packing for precious antiques or fragile items.
  • We offer different types of packing materials that will ensure the appropriate protection for your items. Customers have a choice of where to get their packing material, containers and cartons.

To avoid the added burden and stress packing can bring to your move our dedicated staff can prepare and conduct your move in a timely and organized manner. Rest assured that with ADT Moving and Storage, every single one of your possessions will be treated uniquely while it is in our care. Give us a call or visit our website to learn about the different packing options we offer. 1-888-903-6683