29 May


By / adtmoving

Moving an Art Gallery

Anyone who has ever un-wrapped a chipped piece of Wedgewood understands the headaches and peril associated with moving.

Now imagine an art gallery is going through its plans to transport over seven hundred items, including delicate pieces such as porcelain antique vases and landmark paintings that are quite valuable and irreplaceable.

We can safely say that logistics go well beyond buying some bubble wrap and recycled grocery store boxes! Moving a commercial space such as a gallery is not like moving a home, you cannot just shove everything into a truck. The move is a monumental effort that requires lots of planning and organization.

When it comes to moving businesses, especially those that possess valuable and delicate items such as a gallery, there are intricate packing and crating procedures that need to be followed. Packing artwork is an art – crates are packed inside of crates. Art is insulated with specialized foam, which is customized to fit the weight and shape of each object.

Matters of truck scheduling and insurance require organization, and of course heightened security is an absolute must. You cannot have artwork pieces worth thousands of dollars being transported without accompanying security travelling through the city.

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