08 Jul


By / adtmoving

Moving a Refrigerator

When preparing a refrigerator for a move, it is important to defrost, clean and completely dry the refrigerator three days in advance of the move. A dry refrigerator will prevent any leaking of fluids and prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.

More than anything else, well executed packing is essential for an overall successful move. This is why we have provided the following packing guideline to help ensure you have a smooth moving experience when it comes to preparing your large kitchen and electronic appliances:

– Never transport a refrigerator filled with food. Dispose of all its contents.
– Unplug the power cord, and wash all removable parts.
– Allow the parts, including the interior of the refrigerator and freezer, to dry thoroughly prior to moving to allow all moisture to evaporate.
– Add moisture-absorbent crystals to help prevent mildew.
– Pack all loose parts including bins and shelves in a secured, approved container for moving.
– Vacuum the condenser or compressor.
– Empty and clean the evaporator pan and allow time for it to dry.
– Before moving, turn off the water and disconnect the water line if you have a cold water dispenser or automatic icemaker.

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