04 May


By / adtmoving

Leave Packing for a Move to the Professionals

Lifting heavy boxes up from the ground and getting them on the truck is a job best left to professionals, but what about actually packing up the boxes themselves? Montrealers love to go the DIY route with a lot of things, so they often ask us about whether or not it’s a good idea to do the packing themselves. In all of our years of experience, we can say that it is not something we recommend. Packing the right way is an art form, and when done correctly has huge benefits for both sides. Here are a few reasons why you should leave packing for a move to the pros:

Safety first when packing for a move

Nothing is more important to ADT than the safety of our customers and our team members. When you get professionals to pack materials, you get skilled workers with years of experience. This means they know what to pack where, how to put it in the box, and how to carry it out to the truck. Proper packing greatly reduces the risk of injury when carrying heavy materials.

Professional packing makes the move easier

When you get professionals to pack your stuff for a move, they can label it themselves and the driver has a good idea of what is where. Many of our pros like to use certain systems of labeling, and packing it themselves will help them better judge where to put it on the truck. This will make it a lot easier to unload and unpack on the other end.

No stress. Tons of convenience.

You are already packing up your life, putting it on a truck, and moving across the country to a brand new place. Chances are you under enough stress as it is. We want to make the process as enjoyable for you as possible, so leave the packing to us. This will allow you more time to spend with family, more time to plan, or a chance to just relax. Let us handle the stressful stuff, you just worry about what’s important to you.

Packing is one of the most important parts of the move, and when done right it can save everyone a lot of stress and time. We highly recommend leaving packing for a move to professional movers. When you do, you get a skilled team that will delicately handle all of your possessions and ensure they get to the other side seamlessly.