19 Jan


By / adtmoving

How to Save Money on Packing Supplies

The whole process of moving to a new home can be expensive in itself, and the cost of packing materials can make the expense rise significantly. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save money on packing supplies by being thrifty, looking for bargains, and employing a few creative strategies.

Choose Recycled Containers
If you look around your home, you’ll likely find boxes that you were thinking of discarding that are perfectly suitable for moving your items. It doesn’t have to be a box specifically made for moving in order to be used — as long as the box is sturdy and clean, you can use it and save money. Look for shipping boxes from online orders you’ve placed in the past, paper document boxes around the house, and even product boxes that are large enough to hold some of your possessions.

Ask Friends or Family
Don’t stop at just searching your own home for boxes. Ask friends and family if they have any boxes or plastic totes they no longer want or will allow you to borrow. Large discount and grocery stores often discard boxes and will give them to you for free if you ask, especially if you go to the store early in the morning or later at night when items are being stocked. You can also search the free sections of online classified ad sites, such as Craigslist and Kijiji, to find free moving boxes and containers that individuals and companies are giving away.

Use Alternatives to Boxes
You can always use heavy-duty plastic bags and storage totes to move your items. Yes, lightweight items, toys, clothing without hangers, pillows, and linens can be snugly packed into garbage bags more cheaply than it would cost to pack the same items into boxes. It may not be the most attractive option, but looks don’t matter much when you’re simply trying to safely transport your items to your new place. Reusable plastic bags and grocery totes will also do the trick.

Pack Efficiently
You won’t save much money if you’re not packing the maximum amount possible into each container, or if you’re haphazardly packing and end up breaking some of your things. The goal when trying to save money on packing is to get as many free materials as you possibly can, pay less than retail for the rest, and get as many items into each container as is safe. Roll clothing, towels, and linens into tight bundles or lay each piece flat if you have to put it into boxes or bags. You can also use your washcloths and hand towels to securely wrap and protect your glassware to save even more space.

After you’ve saved some money with these packing tips, call on a reliable company to help move your belongings into your new home. ADT Moving prides itself on providing excellent service while also making moving quick, easy, and efficient.