30 May


By / adtmoving

How to Prepare for Your First Big Move

The transition from living in your parents’ house to living on your own for the first time is an exciting one. It’s the first big move that many people make. However, this type of big move can be stressful—especially if you’re relocating to a new city for a job or school. If you or your child is making that big leap in the coming months, follow these simple tips for making that first move go as smoothly as possible.

Pare It Down

If you’ve lived under the same roof for a long period of time, you’ve probably accumulated some possessions. Most people moving out of their parents’ houses won’t have a lot of extra room in their new apartments for all the objects that have been collected over the years.

Before moving, go through everything you own and decide what you actually need for your new home, what has sentimental value, and what can be thrown out or given away. You’ll have to make some tough calls, but in the end you’ll drastically reduce the amount of stuff you’ll have to deal with on the big day.

Get a Storage Space

Deciding what to throw away might be easy for you, but what should you do with all those sentimental childhood items, the baby blankets and books and old baseball cards that you want to hang on to but don’t necessarily need in your new apartment? A storage space is an easy and convenient way to store all those miscellaneous things that may not fit in your new apartment. ADT Moving offers long and short term storage spaces, so we can help you store whatever you need until you can find a home for it.

Moving out for the first time can be a fun and liberating experience. If you prepare ahead of time, moving out of your parents’ house can be the start of an exciting adventure rather than overwhelming burden. ADT Moving can help you or your child get ready for that major transition.