16 Oct


By / adtmoving

How to Plan an International Relocation

An overseas move is much more complicated than a domestic one. A well-managed long distance move can help ease the transition to a new country, while a poorly planned one can add to your stress at a time when you need it least.

As soon as you know when and where you will be moving, start drafting a moving plan. This should include what you will need to do and a deadline for when the tasks should be completed. If you have a family, try to divide up tasks so that everyone feels involved but no one feels unfairly burdened.

Try to time your move well. Household shipments might take weeks or even months to arrive. As tempting as it may be to maintain your normal routine as long as possible, we strongly suggest that you pack up early if possible. Living without your belongings is much easier in your home country, where you already know how to handle the details of life and have a support network in place. Packing up early also offers another advantage – it provides a breathing space between the hectic period of sorting your belongings and the move itself.

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