10 Feb


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How to Pack Your Bedroom for Moving Day

When packing your bedroom for moving day, it is of utmost importance to ensure that everything receives the maximum care it deserves. After all, the bedroom is full of your personal belongings, and that is why they deserve all the care that they need when packing. As you do that, it is critical that you work with the following guidelines before bringing in movers in Montreal.

Start by Sorting

Just because your wardrobes are full does not mean that you will need to move with everything that you have. Sorting helps you identify pieces of clothing that you do not need and can thus donate or sell. Once you have eliminated those that you do not need, select clothes that you will wear as you move and the first few days in your new home and pack them in a separate bag or box. The rest of the clothes can then be packed in wardrobe boxes.

Pack Your Jewelry Separately

Your jewelry holds a lot of value, and that is why you should always pack it separately and probably carry it with you. In case you put them in the truck of your preferred movers in Montreal, then let them know in advance. In such situations, it is also safe to go ahead and get insurance for them.

Carpets and Curtains

While packing bedroom furniture, carpets and curtains may not seem essential, but you should do that in advance. Bedding linen and curtains are best packed in plastic bags before being put in boxes. Mattresses and carpets need to be covered well to keep off dirt and mattress covers come in handy at this stage.

Pack Your Electronics and Valuable Arts in Advance

Valuables such as antiques and expensive paintings must be packed carefully. In fact, talk to the movers in Montreal to find out if they have special packing materials and transport conditions for such items. You will probably need special crating for them and a reputable moving company to transport them to your next home.

Packing the bedroom before moving is quite a job. However, think through everything in advance and ensure that you hire a reputable moving company like ADT Moving and Storage to help you out.