25 Feb


By / adtmoving

How to Pack Clothes for a Move

Unpacking your boxes to find your clothes creased and sticky with leaked shampoo will probably ruin your day. The last thing you want to take care of when you move into a new home is laundry!

Packing has become a lost art. These days, people have a tendency to throw things into a box and hope for the best. When you simply toss things into a box you are wasting space and causing your clothes to become creased and dirty.

We have put together some guidelines for you on how to pack clothes for a move:

  • Start with an empty box and a checklist. The missing ingredients in most people’s packing for a move are tissue paper and sturdy boxes. Do not borrow a beat-up box from your neighbour or the grocery store. Those boxes are old, damaged and sometimes even dirty!
  • Have everything you want to pack around you. If you have to go back and forth to the wardrobe, you will forget something.
  • Use tissue paper to fill out sleeves and pad clothes to keep the material gently stretched. Also, place tissue paper between layers to avoid sharp folds seen on clothes worn straight from the box.
  • Lay your long garments at the bottom of the box and trail them over its sides so that they can be wrapped over other layers of clothing.
  • Fill the gaps around the edges with ties or socks.
  • The finishing touches are a final layer of tissue for extra protection from the elements.
  • Dresses, gowns and suits are best carried in wardrobe boxes that have their own hanging pole. For wardrobe boxes, it is best to use plastic or wooden hangers rather than wire ones.
  • Finally, put your checklist at the top of the box and seal it well.

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