01 Oct


By / adtmoving

How to Downsize for a Move

When people make the move from a house to an apartment, they are often slow to understand that they cannot simply pack up and bring everything along with them. At ADT Moving we like to ease the moving process for our clients by preparing them for the downsizing operation. We carefully remind our clients, especially those moving from larger to smaller homes to prepare for parting with some of their possessions.

We suggest comparing the actual room layouts and storage capacities of the new place with those in the old. Then we ask our clients to categorize belongings under three headings: “the must-haves,” the “not needed” and the “yes, if possible” category.

Once things are separated into different groups, you will have a much stronger grasp on what really needs to stay and what can go. You can get rid of these items by either giving them to charity or putting them up for sale. As for the things that you want to keep but do not have space for, there is the option of putting these items in our storage units either permanently or until you find a place for them, or become detached enough to let them go.

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