23 Jan


By / adtmoving

Get Rid of Moths by Cleaning Before Storing

What a nightmare it would be to go into a storage space and find moths fluttering around and making a feast out of your most cherished possessions. Despite the barricades of protection we set up to prevent moths from gaining entry to and ruining our stuff, there always seems to be one or two that get away and are able to make their way through!

What are clothes moths?

Clothes moths are well-known pests that eat a wide range of fibres including hair, fur, silk, felt and feathers. Clothes moth infestations can cause significant damage to clothing, bedding, floor coverings and other articles.

What do clothes moths feed on?

Upholstery, hats, antique dolls and toys, natural bristle brushes, feathers, paper, leather, cotton, linin, silk, weavings, wall hangings, old furs and especially wool carpets are a gourmet delight to a moth. It’s the larvae, not the adult moths that feed on our cherished possessions.  The larvae spin a small silken case around themselves as they feed. The cigar-shaped case enlarges as the larva grows.

How can we stop them from accessing our clothes and possessions?

It is an absolute must that you clean anything before you decide to put it away in storage. Egg laying moths are especially attracted to any fabric that has been soiled, stained with beverages, oil from hair or skin or sweat. Be sure that all cloth gets dry-cleaned, washed, pressed with a hot iron, sunned or brushed prior to storage in an airtight container with an effective moth repellent.

Moths also thrive in high humidity. About 75% relative humidity in a heated, dark room is an ideal moth environment. You can prevent their thriving by make sure you select a trusted storage company that has very low humidity levels and is controlled by a thermostat that keeps room temperature ideal for storage all year long.

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