08 Jan


By / adtmoving

Feeling Stressed About A Move? These Tips Will Calm You Down

Good organization techniques are extremely important to implement when preparing for a move. The majority of our clients usually comment that they find packing and unpacking the worst part of moving. This doesn’t have to always be the case! We have put together some helpful moving tips to make packing and unpacking easier and less stressful for you:

  • Label all boxes. Assign a room and box number to each box. Put together a labelling system that has enough space for a special comment section. That’s where you can note the location of valuables and important documents.
  • To avoid getting frustrated and tearing open five boxes to find the essentials you’ll need upon arrival, pack two boxes containing essential items.
    • The first box should contain toilet paper, a telephone, toothpaste and hair brushes, dry snacks, coffee and coffee pot, soap, a flash light and kitchen utensils.
    • The second essential box should get you ready to move in. It could hold paper towels, rags, sponges, window and floor cleaners and other cleaning items. Label the boxes accordingly. Make sure they’re the last ones placed in your car or the moving van to ensure easy access.

For more tips on packing or preparing for a move, visit our website or feel free to give us a call. Our client representatives will be happy to discuss the details of your move and arrange for an evaluation visit. 1-888-903-6683.