21 Feb


By / adtmoving

Detecting the Fly By Night Movers

Fly by night moving companies pop up over night as quickly as they shut down, they are up and running, sometimes the very next day. They create extreme heartache to innocent consumers plus the loss of thousands of dollars.

Who can explain what a fly by night mover is? These are people that offer you free packing material boxes etc. and will usually ask you for a cash deposit before they load your possessions. Once they have your goods in the truck they will add extra costs to your move example (heavy item fees ,mileage fees, gas fees etc.) and they will refuse to unload your goods unless you pay moremoney.Other methods include driving to your new residence and demanding to be payed before they unload in cash, basically they are holding your goods hostage.. Also cash is the only form of payment they will take.

ADT Movers continues to understand the concerns and fears of our customers ,and strives to make there moving experience as honest and stress free as possible. It is our commitement to give a full and rewarding service to all of our customers.

Most of your stress can be eliminated by choosing the right moving company.

Researching the company before you commit to one would be a wise task.

Most of the research can be done through the company web site and by asking the right questions.

Here are a few indicators that a customer should look for.

  1. The company’s web site does not offer proper detailed contact information.
  2. The company’s phone number is a cellular phone.
  3. The company has no insurance or a very high deductable.(movers are not professional)
  4. The company’s office and/or wharehouse does not exist.
  5. The company provides with an extremely low quote by phone.

Furthermore it is important that you feel a certain confidence with the salesperson that you will talk to on the phone. All your questions should be answered properly and without hesitations. Your moving experience should be pleaseant.

Contact ADT Movers today and experience first hand how ADT Movers is restoring confidence in the way we work with our wide range of moving services.