19 Mar


By / adtmoving

De-clutter Your Move

The relative importance of your possessions changes over time. In general, if you find that rarely use a specific object and it has been sitting in the attic for over two years, perhaps it’s time to let it go. A move can become an opportunity to de-clutter your home and rid yourself of possessions that are weighing you down.


Adopt these productive habits before making a move and enjoy a clutter-free moving day!


  1. The golden rule is to get organized and not leave everything to the last minute.
  2. Maximise this opportunity to minimize, start selling non-essential items to friend and in garage sales around two months before your moving date. You will feel relief as your apartment is slowly emptied of these items that you do not use regularly. Stuff like toys, tools, kitchen equipment and clothes are great things to give away and upgrade after a move.
  3. Organize your paperwork, and get special files for essential documents like passports, birth certificates, notary papers and seal them tight. You also have the option of putting paperwork in a safety deposit box at the bank. The fee for the safety deposit box is annual and not that expensive for the service and peace of mind you get in return.
  4. Give your children a small memory box, as big as a shoe box. Give them freedom in deciding what of their prized possessions photos and keepsakes will make it into the box. Allowing your child such responsibility in packing will make them more aware of what will happen on moving day.


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