07 Feb


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Commercial Moves with ADT Moving

Organising a seamless commercial move is not difficult with the right information at hand and the help of professional movers. You may move offices once or twice in your career while at ADT Moving we do it every day.

When it comes to moving commercial spaces and offices, flexibility is the order of the day at ADT Moving. We do not shy away from challenges and take up both small and large moving jobs with equal zest and effort.

Before a move, we recommend all commercial businesses to log down all the office furniture in order to determine what is going, staying and what needs to get dumped. We always encourage our clients to think forward for office moves and consider whether what they are taking with them in a move has a place or fits with the new location settings. A move is the perfect opportunity for commercial offices to rid themselves of outdated and bulky equipment and furniture.

We will pack your files unless required to do otherwise. If you have confidential files, we will seal them in special crates on the moving day. Any boxes we pack are labelled strategically so they are unpacked logically and delivered accurately.

We believe timing is the most important factor of a successful move and will help you pick up a time when closing your offices and shutting down your servers will cause the least disruption to your business.

ADT Moving is a full service provider of both commercial and residential relocation, storage and installation services in Canada. We are continually seeks new ways to make moving a positive experience for our clients. We look forward to helping you with your office relocation.
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