02 May


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Area Served by ADT Movers

ADT Movers Serve All of Southern Quebec and Beyond

At ADT Moving, we provide two different kinds of moves in terms of distance. First there is the normal residential or commercial moving, which would be considered “local.” The area that would fall into this category would be all of southern Quebec, centered on Montreal and stretching until Quebec City.

All towns and neighborhoods in that area are covered by our service: Laval, South Shore, North Shore, West Island, Eastern Townships and more.

View our service area map for details.

Remember, we still serve clients moving outside this area. In that case, it would be considered a long distance move. Note that crossing the border into Ontario, even if the final destination is closer to Montreal than Quebec City, is still considered a long distance move.

No matter the distance of your move, you can rest assured that we will supply the same high standard of customer service on your moving day. Should you have any questions about our types of moves, service area, or any other inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us.