21 Oct


By / adtmoving

ADT Moving Company Montreal – The Benefits of a Home Inventory

Good organization techniques are extremely important to implement when preparing for a move. Before the actual packing takes place, the priority task for homeowners should be to create an inventory list that details what they own and the estimated value of their belongings. Once a homeowner has established a concrete idea of what their property entails, they will be able to organize the rest of the move with relative ease.

Of the many benefits of keeping a running inventory during a move is that if a box should go missing, it can easily be identified along with its contents. The inventory also proves beneficial in cases where assets are damaged or lost on the moving day. With an inventory at hand, the owner will be better equipped when the time comes to file a loss claim with their insurance company. In addition to insurance benefits, a home inventory can help the homeowner visualize where they wish to place their belongings in their new home.

At ADT Moving, we advise all our clients to invest the time and effort to create a thorough inventory list that details all their belongings. From our experience, we know that inventories can be utilized to make the unpacking and settling process much easier and less stressful.

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