17 Sep


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ADT Moving Company Montreal – How to Package Antiques Securely

Antiques often have historical, monetary and emotional value and can become a stressful issue during a move. At ADT Moving, we handle all our client’s possessions with the finest professional care.

Disorganized management in addition to poorly administered packing are often the main reasons behind the ruin off an antique during a move. Inexperienced movers will often use excessive amounts of packing material in order to provide that extra protection for their antiques. Many will engage in zealous over-packing or what we refer to as “antique mummification”. Antique mummification involves the use of excessive force while trying to administer layers upon layers of bubble wrap on an antique.

Unfortunately, excessive protection may have the opposite effect of exerting pressure and breaking or damaging an antique. Excessively wrapped items can also be a nightmare to remove because they increase the likelihood of scratching or chipping of the antique upon removal.

ADT has experience packing antiques for moves and shipment. We believe that each and every antique is made differently and should be handled with certain care. We are here to make your Montreal move a lot less stressful. Whatever the item, your ADT professional knows which packing materials and methods work best for you. Should you have any further questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.