10 Jun


By / adtmoving

5 Last-Minute Moving Tips

Movers post many “to-do lists” about moving on the internet, and some can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes it’s helpful to simply focus on the really important things to ensure peace of mind and minimize stress during your moving day.

Here’s a list of a few crucial last-minute Montreal moving day tips:

  1. Remember to cancel or transfer your utility services, like electricity, phone and internet. If you are moving locally you simply need to have the services transferred, but if you are moving out of province or country you need to cancel and re-setup your utilities in your new location.
  2. Make your new address known. Update your address with friends and family, and ensure that any business related profiles also have your new address. Things like credit cards, online accounts, and the post office. Notify your employer and any insurance provider that you might have.
  3. Pay extra attention to securing important possessions, such as birth certificates, passports, jewelry and other precious items. Make sure that these are not mixed in with boxes containing your regular possessions. Know where these important items are at all times.
  4. Ensure you have contact information for services and people related to your new home, such as emergency services, utilities, and banks. You may not have access to the internet when you first move in.
  5. Make a list of your storage boxes and mark them clearly with their contents. You’ll be able to unpack everything where it is supposed to go, and keep track of any boxes that go missing since you have a list to refer to.

Remember, if the long complex moving checklists are too overwhelming, you can get by with just following these 5 simple but crucial tips that will make your Montreal move a lot less stressful.