02 May


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3 Tips For Saving Money When Moving Across Country

Picking up your life and moving it across Canada is never easy. No matter how hard you try, there are going to be some expenses that you just have to live with. Getting belongings to the other side safely is worth every penny.

But there are plenty of ways to cut costs and put some money in the piggy bank to use on sight seeing in your new city!

Here are 3 tips for saving money when moving across country. Follow them, and you won’t dread looking at your bank balance!

Pro Tip: hiring movers as early as possible is the best way to really keep costs down. The longer you wait the higher the chances of rushed services and unforeseen fees from poor planning.

Tip 1 – Try to move in the fall

If you haven’t heard about the advantages of moving in off-peak times, then this tip is for you. You never want to move during weekends or holidays unless you have to. Busy months during the summer also drive up the costs of hauling your stuff trans-Canada.

Fall and winter have much lower rates, but since Canada isn’t exactly famous for mild winters we recommend trying to schedule your move in the fall months in late September or October. It’s the perfect combination of lower price and bearable weather.

Schedule your move as early as possible to lock in the best times.

Tip 2 – It’s time for a yard sale

If you’re the type that loves browsing through all of your neighbour’s garage items and family hand-me-downs, then you’re familiar with the art of the yard sale. It’s time to put those chops to work. A pre-move yard sale will help you cut down on the odds and ends that you don’t need and make some extra cash.

Plus you’ll get to haggle with local kids over that old dusty guitar you haven’t played in years.

Tip 3 – Pack coolers of food for the ride

Half the fun of the journey from coast to coast is stopping in all of the nice little towns dotting the highways of Canada, experiencing a taste of what life is like out in the country (literally!). Who doesn’t like popping into a roadside diner for some delicious, greasy eating?

If you want to save money though, pack a cooler full of sandwiches and bring high-density snacks like bananas and nuts. And always remember the trick to saving a ton of money while eating at restaurants: no soda!

Moving across country and trying to stick to a budget? Use these 3 tips for saving money when you move. As always, the best way to get the most value for your money is consulting professional movers early. For a free and fair estimate as soon as you need it, contact ADT on the web. We want to help you move from Montreal to your new home!